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       Qian'an Aoqi Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation company which integrates research and development, sales and technology transfer of mechanical products from the early stage of research and development and production of mechanical products. The company is the earliest research and development of fresh corn supporting machinery and equipment in China. In 2001, it successfully developed China's first tall crop high-foot pesticide spraying vehicle. Drivers like walking over the head of crops, solved the problem of human poisoning in hot weather operations. Today, similar products are all over the country, creating a safe spraying vehicle for pesticides that has not exceeded its right in more than a decade. Since then, the company has developed steadily and rapidly. The company was founded on March 6, 2014 with a registered capital of 1 million yuan. It has started to engage in research and development and innovation of high-tech machinery and equipment technology in many industries. In the summer of 2015, China's first fresh corn harvester was successfully developed and put into operation, saving more than 1 million RMB compared with the large foreign companies'fresh corn harvester. In 2016, we developed and put into use corn kernels automatic production line and automobile self-rescue device. From 2015 to 2019, eight patent certificates have been obtained. In 2017, our manager, Zheng Tiejun, won the honorary title of "Science and Technology Innovation Person". With the help of Chairman Xi's speech, "Innovation is the first driving force for development, transforming innovative achievements into real combat effectiveness" and "Innovation by all people in mass entrepreneurship", our company's R&D has entered the fast track of high-speed development. Our company now has more than ten patents and exclusive innovative high-tech equipment technology, which can be widely used in military, police, industrial, agricultural, civil and other fields of sharp technology, and some products have been granted patent certificates.
Looking forward to the future, Aoqi Science and Technology Association will become a wonderful flower in China, blooming brilliantly, making great contributions to China's national defense, military, police and civilian technology, and contributing to the early realization of the Chinese dream.